Best Wine Refrigerators Reviews 2024

Top 7 Wine Refrigerators

Edgestar 332 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar Stainless Steel

Top Pick: 1

In the event that your wine assortment has grown out of a little wine refrigerator, you’ll have a lot of room for capacity with these next to each other units. These are two separate units, so you can pick to introduce them close to one another so they appear as though one unit, or you can put them independently. Purchasing the pair sets aside you cash over buying them independently, so you can purchase an additional instance of wine to help fill them. They hold 332 containers, all out, and the units can be utilized either as independent units or they can be inherent. The entryways are colored glass, and there is a security lock to protect the wine.

The temperature controls have LED shows so it’s anything but difficult to set your ideal temperature on every unit. The racks are produced using wire with a wood trim. The entryways have relies on the right, yet you can modify the look by turning around one or the two entryways utilizing the data in the manual.

Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler and Fridge 30 Bottle Built-in Wine Refrigerator

Top Pick: 2

This 30-bottle wine refrigerator can be implicit under a kitchen counter, or you can utilize it as an unsupported unit, giving you a lot of choices for position. It has a twofold layered safety glass entryway that will hold the chill in while you can at present observe the jugs, and it will never mist from buildup.

This is a solitary zone refrigerator, however the temperature can be set for red or white wine, from 40 to 66 degrees. On the off chance that the force goes out, the refrigerator recollects your setting, so your wine will consistently be at the best possible drinking temperature.

Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Top Pick: 3

At the point when you love your red and white wines similarly and need to show them in style, this wine refrigerator is the ideal fit. It holds 24 containers, with 12 in the upper zone and 12 in the lower zone, with the advanced touch-cushion control put between the two. The upper zone can be set for 54 to 66 degrees, while the lower zone can be set for 46 to 66 degrees. Thermoelectric cooling alongside wood racks give without vibration cooling that won’t upset wine dregs during capacity.

The cabinet is dark, with tempered steel trim on the entryway, for an exquisite, present day look. A wellbeing lock lets you secure your wine, while an inward LED and treated glass entryways let you see the wine. The LED can be killed from the control board.

This is intended for unattached use, and the entryway needs to swing 180 degrees on the off chance that you need to eliminate and supplant the racking.

EdgeStar CWR70SZ 6-Inch 7 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Top Pick: 4

Wine refrigerators are helpful to have, yet in some cases it’s elusive space for an enormous, rectangular unit. This tall, thin wine refrigerator is just 6″ wide, so it tends to be implicit to a little space that probably won’t be valuable for whatever else. This holds seven jugs of wine, and you can set the temperature from 40 to 65 degrees for either white or red wine.

An inside fan circles the cool air in the refrigerator so the entirety of the jugs cool equitably, regardless of whether they’re on the top, center, or base. This has computerized controls for setting the temperature, and an inside LED light to show the containers.

NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Top Pick: 5

Ideal for individuals who purchase their wine by the case, this cooler holds precisely 12 jugs of red or white wine, and you can set the temperature from 54 to 66 degrees. The thermoelectric cooling keeps the wine cool with no vibration, so wine silt won’t be upset during stockpiling. The treated steel case will glance great in practically any kitchen, while the glass entryway and inward LED will let you see your wine bottles without any problem. The three-wire retires each hold four containers and slide in and out effectively for stacking and emptying bottles.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in or Freestanding Fridge

Top Pick: 6

Genuine wine consumers and gatherers will adore this enormous, unsupported wine refrigerator. It holds 46 containers, so you can store instances of your top choices or fill it with a wide range of wines to combine impeccably with supper, regardless of what’s being served. It has a triple-layered glass entryway, so you can see the containers without losing the chill, and the glass will never haze.

This has double zones, so you can keep both red and white wines at their legitimate temperature. On the off chance that the force goes out, this refrigerator recalls your custom temperature settings, so you won’t have to reset it. Intended for calm activity and low vibration, wine residue won’t be upset away.

In addition to the fact that this is a top notch refrigerator that will keep your wine safe and chilled, however it additionally looks great with dark and treated steel trim and beechwood racks.

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler

Top Pick: 7

At the point when you like both red and white wines, it’s convenient to have a wine refrigerator that can keep both at their appropriate temperature. This refrigerator lets you set the upper zone from 46 to 64 degrees, while you can set the lower zone from 54 to 64 degrees.

The smoked glass entryway shields the wines from overabundance light, and the sans vibration thermoelectric cooling won’t upset the wine residue during capacity. The protection and the entryway are intended to keep stickiness in, to shield stops from drying out during long capacity. Delicate inside lighting can let you see the wine, or you can kill the light when it’s not required.

Reviewers believe it’s an incredible first wine fridge and it works at a close quiet temperature. Nonetheless, a couple of individuals have remarked this broke inside a time of utilization so make certain to peruse the working guidelines cautiously with the arrangement.

Buying Guide

Bottle limit

Do you purchase wine by the case and let it age for a couple of years, or do you purchase bottles each in turn and drink them as you go? Regardless of how you purchase and serve wine, a refrigerator’s ideal for you.

Single versus double zones

Single-zone refrigerators are ideal for people who favor red or white wines yet infrequently cross the outskirt. For the individuals who like both (and serve them consistently), a double zone refrigerator is the sensible decision since reds and whites have distinctive serving temperatures.


A wine refrigerator’s size influences both the quantity of containers it can store and the area where it’ll be set in your home. Do you have a tall, limited spot in the kitchen or lounge area, or would you lean toward a wide, low refrigerator that will fit behind the bar?


A wine fridge is positively an extravagance, yet in case you’re a maturing gatherer or simply take your after-work glass of wine truly, a devoted refrigerator will make your life simpler and ease stuffing in your standard fridge. Epicureans, sommeliers, and winemakers the same swear that their grapes taste better when chilled to their particular ideal temperatures, yet before you purchase an uncommon fridge, you’ll need to consider what you ask for from it: Capacity, bleeding edge innovation, the capacity to set distinctive claim to fame temperature zones, or something that helps safeguard your assortment without costing a fortune.

Of course, there’s consistently a compromise except if you go top-of-the-line, yet in this guide, you’ll discover a machine for each financial plan, space, and level of wine utilization. Regardless of whether you’re a red consumer, a white consumer, or an aficionado of the bubbly, there’s something here that will assist you with keeping your wine overall quite cool.