Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews 2024

Top 12 Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower that moves itself is as dedicated a do-it-without anyone else’s help machine as you can discover. Ordinarily best for bigger lawns, it sees steady use from spring until fall, so it bodes well to shop cautiously for one. Furthermore, following quite a while of testing mowers, we can look at you straight without flinching and state that the ideal one doesn’t exist. What does are machines at different value levels and with different highlights to suit the needs of the individual utilizing it. By spreading out the key credits to remember and giving our unvarnished impressions from testing a wide scope of models, we would like to make your way to the correct one for your necessities somewhat more clear.

TORO 21In OHV Super Recycler Mower

Top Pick: 1

Motor size: 160 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, pack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Good | Uphill cutting: Very great | Sidehill cutting: Fair | Bagging: Very great

This is a wonder of a mower, with a cast aluminum deck and a smooth-running Honda GCV160 motor. It’s both a viable bagger and mulcher, even of wet grass, we found. Furnished with back wheel drive and the Personal Pace framework (the more remote you push the drive bar, the quicker the mower goes), it’s a compelling slope climber and reasonably successful on sidehill cutting. It has 7.5-inch tires on every one of the four corners, which makes this Toro knock all over a piece on washboard surfaces, however fortunately it’s furnished with a far greater tire than we’re accustomed to seeing nowadays. We didn’t see any grass pickup on clammy surfaces. Different highlights we like incorporate its forward overlay handle and an excellent grass pack that heaps through the handle, from the top.

Cub Cadet 3-in-1 High Rear Wheel Gas Walk-Behind Push Mower

Top Pick: 2

Motor size: 196 cc | Deck size: 23 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, sack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Fair | Uphill cutting: Good | Sidehill cutting: Fair | Bagging: Very great

With a somewhat bigger than-typical deck (23 inches, versus the business standard 22), huge motor, and a larger than average, firmly fixed grass sack, this is a machine appropriate to an enormous rural yard. The push-forward speed control permits a lot of accuracy, however the switch tends to shake when you’re on harsh, non-lawn surfaces and side slopes. Regardless of whether this is an issue for you relies upon how smooth or unpleasant, bumpy or level your lawn is. For tough territory, exploit the mower’s capacity and get the discretionary back release chute ($25). Regardless of where you use it, the Cub is an exceptional mower that works over a wide scope of cutting conditions, from rich to dusty, tall grass to typical tallness.

HONDA HRX Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Top Pick: 3

Motor size: 201 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, pack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Fair | Uphill cutting: Good | Sidehill cutting: Fair | Bagging: Outstanding

Our test’s generally costly (non-wide-cut) mower is a definitive mortgage holder’s machine. The HRX217HZA is wonderfully built and ground-breaking, with the biggest motor of any mower we attempted and the main machine outfitted with a smooth-running hydrostatic transmission. Its liquid drive makes drawing in, separating, and altering speed as smooth all things considered in your vehicle. Moreover, a back change handle permits you to pick how much the mower mulches or sacks. In one position, it’s full mulch; turn the handle to make the mower completely pack. Between those focuses are stops that permit fractional mulching or stowing. It’s most at home on level and tenderly moving surfaces where it conveys a velvet-smooth cut surface without any waste grass. This Honda has all that could possibly be needed capacity to deal with tall grass and climb smooth slopes, even with the grass pack full. Note, in any case, that its wheel size and handle setup make it less appropriate for unpleasant, non-lawn, and soak sidehill surfaces.

Husqvarna LC221RH 21 in. 160cc Honda Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower

Top Pick: 4

Motor size: 160 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, sack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Very great | Uphill cutting: Very great | Sidehill cutting: Very great | Bagging: Very great

The LC221RH wound up being the most flexible mower (and an uncommon worth), appropriate to smooth and amenable cutting conditions. But at the same time it’s an intense hombre that can deal with harsh ground and tall grass. That is because of a liberal four creeps of tallness change, 11-inch back wheels, and a back mounted side-release chute. We were astonished at its excitement in the tall-grass test. At the point when we strolled it into a harsh on a green, it simply pushed through while a constant flow of grass clippings shot out to the side as though from a bit of farming gear. We enjoyed everything about the mower aside from a certain something: The tall back tires can make it harder to get to the back change switches.

Masport Zone Start Self-Propelled Variable Speed

Top Pick: 5

Motor size: 190 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, back release, pack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Very great | Uphill cutting: Outstanding | Sidehill cutting: Very great | Bagging: Very great

We had never known about Masport mowers this test, yet in the wake of giving this rough 22-inch machine a strong exercise, we’re happy we discovered them. It truly is a temporary worker obligation mower, as reflected by its tough development, for example, the 14-check steel deck. Among its other stalwart highlights are a major proficient arrangement Briggs and Stratton motor with a cast iron chamber sleeve, a cylinder steel guard before the motor, and the most powerful single-switch deck tallness change right now. We additionally valued the decal applied right next to its switch that teaches the client about ideal deck statures for packing and mulching, something we’ve never observed on any mower. Its 9-inch x 3-inch back tires have thick, even spikes, empowering great slope climbing capacity. Its cut quality is as remarkable as its packing, in the same class as any mower we’ve seen. Furthermore, it danced through tall grass like it was cutting a putting green. The mower accompanies a sharp edge on it and an extra mulching edge stuffed in the crate. Both are thick and well-ground, mirroring the meticulousness that one would expect for a mower appraised as temporary worker obligation.

Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler Electric Start XTX OHV 3-in-1 Discharge Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Top Pick: 6

Motor size: 149 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release (with extra), sack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Fair | Uphill cutting: Good | Sidehill cutting: Good | Bagging: Good

We’ve preferred Lawn Boys going right back to the two-stroke adaptation of these machines during the 1950s. Truly, these are light, deft mowers appropriate to ordinary rural scenes, if not harsh territories. That is as yet the case here. The 17734 is a completely included machine, total with electric beginning and linkage for two-switch tallness change that weighs just 75 pounds. That is expected, to some degree, to the littler motor. Like all Kohler motors, however, it’s spunky; the mower will deal with everything except the tallest or wettest grass. We likewise loved its tight-fitting, dust-blocking pack.

Toro Recycler (22″) Personal Pace Lawn Mower

Top Pick: 7

Motor size: 163 cc | Deck size: 22 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, pack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Good | Uphill cutting: Very great | Sidehill cutting: Fair | Bagging: Very great

This is the main walk mower with power invert (gave by the front wheels). Toro spearheaded the Personal Pace framework, whereby you speed up by squeezing all the more immovably forward on the drive handle. With this mower, when you back up, you pull back on that handle and the front wheels kick in. That is especially useful on the off chance that you need to turn around tough with a full grass pack. The machine likewise has a few other extraordinary highlights: The back switch permits you to rapidly switch among mulching and stowing, tall back wheels help on unpleasant ground, and a crease forward handle permits you to store the mower vertically against the divider. Any objections? A little one. During the wet-grass test we saw that clippings could gather on the back wheels, upsetting footing and control.

Troy-Bilt TB380 XP 21-Inch RWD Self-Propelled 3-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower with 160cc Honda Engi

Top Pick: 8

Motor size: 160 cc | Deck size: 21 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, pack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Fair | Uphill cutting: Good | Sidehill cutting: Good | Bagging: Good

We’re long-lasting fanatics of Troy-Bilt lawn mowers, for the most part; They offer a ton of execution for the cash. Furthermore, this one doesn’t frustrate. The TB300 XP has a motor on the little side, standard-size back wheels, and a drive framework that works increasingly like your vehicle’s journey control. Set the switch to the ideal position, press the drive handles, and away you go. Troy-Bilt additionally packs in a couple of different treats. Most amazing are the two-switch deck-stature alteration and a magnificent track setup that supports footing for tough and sidehill cutting.

Toro TimeMaster 30 in. Briggs & Stratton Personal Pace Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Gas Lawn Mower

Top Pick: 9

Motor size: 223 cc | Deck size: 30 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release, sack | Drive: Rear |Non-lawn surfaces: Very great | Uphill cutting: Very great | Sidehill cutting: Good | Bagging: Outstanding

Toro spearheaded the wide-cut private mower, and that experience is apparent here. This is an altogether designed and polite mower that is shockingly simple to utilize, particularly for something that weighs as much as this does. Like the 20355 over, the TimeMaster utilizes Toro’s all around respected Personal Pace speed control. Its top speed is 4.5 mph, making it among the quickest we tried. Other very much structured highlights: two-switch stature control, a forward-crease handle for increasingly minimized capacity, and a huge grass sack. Its speed and convenience make it fit to wide rural lawns, less so for push-pull and turning cuts in difficult situations. The Toro is a fit and incredible slope climber, we found, however didn’t do especially well in side slope applications. Those are little asides, however. This is a remarkable item fit to suburbia and rustic properties.

CUB CADET CC 600 Self Propelled Mower

Top Pick: 10

Motor size: 195 cc | Deck size: 28 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release sack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Fair | Uphill cutting: Good | Sidehill cutting: Fair to poor| Bagging: Very great

This is a lot of mower for mortgage holder purposes, both as far as its capacity and for its capacity to shave a brief period off your week after week cut. The Cub gets focuses for those, yet in addition since you can furnish it with devoted mulching cutting edges or edges for packing. Both give great cut quality. The sacking cutting edges give the essential wind current to move grass clippings into the 2.3-bushel back pack. To such an extent that it will fill the sack and pack it tight—and afterward fill the blower tube. It takes some understanding to locate the sweet spot when you have to exhaust the sack before the cylinder is stopped. Its other alluring highlights incorporate a dependable press button start and a self-charging battery, similar to your car’s, dispensing with the need to plug the battery into a divider charger. Control the CC600’s ground speed by pushing forward on the turning drive bar. Stop the mower and discharge the drive bar (and administrator control) and get a few sticks or move lawn furniture–the motor continues running. At long last, the overlay forward handle lessens the impression in the carport or shed.

Troy-Bilt WC33 420cc 33-inch Wide Cut RWD Lawn Mower With Electric Start

Top Pick: 11

Motor size: 420 cc | Deck size: 33 inches | Functions: Mulch, side release sack | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Very great | Uphill cutting: Very great | Sidehill cutting: Very great | Bagging: Outstanding

The mower that was the most enjoyable to utilize is this astounding item from Troy-Bilt. It’s easy to work, on account of at least controls. Turn the key, pull the drive switch to cause it to go (as far as possible up to an energetic pace), and pull back the cutting edge commitment switch to cut. It’s as simple as that. It’s similarly light, with weight dissemination and geometry to make it shockingly light-footed for such a major mower. It leaves a smooth cut and its stowing execution is extraordinary. We credit that to the wind stream off the deck and into the sack, which is acceptable to the point that when you go to evacuate the sack, you don’t locate a free heap of clippings, rather a firmly pressed roughage parcel. Our test demonstrated that each piece of grass goes into the sack. We additionally like the cast aluminum deck. Accepting that it’s the right combination and you don’t mishandle the machine, you ought to receive numerous years in return. We likewise like the single-stature deck change kindness of a pleasant long switch with a major grasp. We had just one abhorrence: That enormous motor needs a superior suppressor.

Worldlawn WY32S11HDE Honda Electric Start Recoil Backup Gas Self Propelled Walk Behind Mower

Top Pick: 12

Motor size: 337 cc | Deck size: 32 inches | Functions: Side release | Drive: Rear | Non-lawn surfaces: Good | Uphill cutting: Fair to poor | Sidehill cutting: Fair to poor | Bagging: N.A.

The Worldlawn is a rough mammoth that does best jogging along straight cuts and on expansive bends. It additionally does well slashing down tall and rowdy non-turf grass and weeds­­. In that regard, it nearly works as a field and brush mower. The way that it can without much of a stretch handle such an assortment of conditions, including some genuinely unforgiving ones, make this a great deal of machine for the cash. Yet, note this isn’t a mower for the precisely nauseous. Running on a colossally ground-breaking Honda GXV340 motor, it necessitates that you nearly rush to stay aware of it at max throttle. It is anything but a viable mower on slopes. For a certain something, it can pop a wheelie going up a precarious slope. On side slopes, it doesn’t follow well. It’s best for level and tenderly moving territory. This mower makes a few requests on the administrator, who ought to be truly fit and alright with an assortment of controls (throttle, a speed move switch, and switch impelled controlling). Talking about which, to control the mower, you press the switch as an afterthought to which bearing you need to go (right switch, steer right; left switch, steer left). It takes some training to slow the mower, at that point deftly execute a pleasant clean turn and head back where you originated from without squandered exertion or a skewed cut. So in case you’re capable and your apparatus inclinations run a piece to the outdated style of gear, think about the Worldlawn.


We put all mowers through the paces utilizing our standard Popular Mechanics philosophy: We cut turf grasses, for example, fescues and blue grass and more unpleasant non-turf grasses like Timothy, clover, plantation grass, and wild oats, all in both ordinary and shin-profound statures. We cut tough, downhill, and over the essences of slopes. The most extreme incline we cut is around 35 degrees. That may not seem like a lot, yet it’s pretty much everything you can do to remain on it, not to mention push a mower up it. We cut clammy and wet grass to test general cutting execution and whether clippings aggregate on the tires. What’s more, we slice dry and dusty surfaces to perceive how well the sack channels under not exactly ideal conditions. After all that cutting and investigation, we give each a rating from our star framework.