Best Snow Shovels Reviews 2024

Top 9 Snow Shovels

Snow shovels come in three essential designs, in view of how you use them. There are shovels worked to lift snow, shovels to push snow, and those designed to lift and push loads.

Each type is helpful to have, yet in case you’re searching for an overall workhorse, it’s difficult to beat the flexibility of a combination scoop. Most combination shovels are made with a rock solid polypropylene (plastic) edge that won’t harm touchy surfaces like wooden decks. Simply be careful, the material is less viable at scratching hard-got snow or breaking together ice, which is the reason some poly cutting edges feature metal wear strips. Those are helpful yet at the same time not a genuine trade for a steel or aluminum cutting edge. These metals are heavier than plastic and, on account of steel, prone to rusting. Be that as it may, the exchange off can be justified, despite all the trouble in case you’re calf somewhere down in substantial snow or ice.

You ought to likewise consider cutting edge width and handle features. Bigger cutting edges can move more snow. This is valuable for push shovels yet less so in the event that you plan to for the most part lift snow. One square foot of snow can weigh somewhere in the range of 3 and 21 pounds, contingent upon whether the snow is dry and light or wet and substantial. Martin Tirado, CEO of the Snow and Ice Management Association Inc. (SIMA), suggests choosing a cutting edge that is 24 inches or less in width for traditional and combination shovels. In the event that you need a push scoop, the cutting edge can be significantly more extensive, he says. An ergonomically designed handle that is bowed at a point, has a smooth bend, or furnished with a littler second handle to assist you with lifting the scoop can likewise help decrease strain on your body by requiring less exertion of your lower back muscles.

Kinds of Snow Shovels

1. Traditional Snow Shovel 2. Push Snow Shovel 3. Combination Snow Shovel
A traditional scoop features a generally level 18-to 24-inch rectangular cutting edge that is most appropriate for lifting snow from walkways and littler regions where push shovels can’t get to. With an enormous bended cutting edge, a push scoop acts increasingly like a snow furrow to rapidly move a lot of snow. These shovels perform best in 3 creeps of snow or less. A combination scoop has a scoop design that is fit to lifting or pushing snow. The sharp edge is bended like a push scoop yet not all that enormous that it would make stacks too overwhelming to even think about lifting.

Scooping snow is a work escalated task that prompts in excess of 11,000 wounds and health related crises and even a few passings consistently, as per Nationwide Children’s Hospital scientists. “Scooping is, in a ton of cases, such as doing an overwhelming exercise,” Tirado says. In addition to utilizing the proper gear, wear climate suitable, high-perceivability attire and high-traction snow boots. Warm up before you begin clearing, and be aware of your scooping strategy. SIMA additionally suggests clearing snow each couple of crawls during storms as opposed to trusting that the snow will quit falling.

Once you have scooped, spread walkways with de-icing items. Sodium chloride, or rock salt, is the most well known decision, however it is only successful at dissolving ice when the temperature is over 15 degrees. Magnesium chloride works in colder temperatures in any case, similar to sodium chloride, is destructive and can harm greenery and cleared surfaces after rehashed use. Rather, attempt Entry, a sans chloride splash that brings down the point of solidification of water in temperatures as low as – 63 degrees.

True Temper 18-Inch Alum Snow Shovel

Top Pick: 1

Width: 18 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 3 lb. 12.8 oz. | Height: 54 in.

This True Temper was the nearest we came to discovering one scoop that can deal with whatever elderly person winter drops at your doorstep. The combination cutting edge features a nylon wear strip to expand toughness, however it won’t assist break with increasing ice and was only OK at scratching snow from our block testing region. Because of the ergonomic bended steel handle, we didn’t need to hang over as a lot of when lifting snow, diminishing the strain of taking care of overwhelming burdens. Concerning pushing, the scoop was comparable to different models, however its scooped design pipes more snow forward as opposed to letting it tumble to the sides.

  • PROS
    1. Agreeable ergonomic handle
    2. Combination design for flexibility
  • CONS
    1. Less fit for separating ice
    2. Normal scratching capacity

Garant YPP24EAKD Yukon 24-Inch Ergonomic Poly Blade Snow Pusher

Top Pick: 2

Width: 24 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 3 lb. 12.8 oz. | Height: 60 in.

Invest less energy scooping with this push scoop from Garant’s Yukon arrangement. We preferred the pleasant long handle, which is set at a point so the D hold hits at midriff stature. Since push shovels aren’t designed to move profound measures of snow, we reset our test region so it was only a couple of inches down. The Garant was the simplest and generally agreeable to utilize. Like combination shovels, the poly cutting edge has edges on the sides, which may entice you to lift snow with this behemoth, as well. Fight the temptation. We thought that it was hard to turn the handle and flip over the cutting edge so as to dump what we gathered.

  • PROS
    1. Agreeable ergonomic handle
    2. Ideal tallness for pushing
  • CONS
    1. Costly
    2. Ungainly to lift

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

Top Pick: 3

Width: 18 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 3 lb. | Height: 50 ⅜ in.

This ergonomic scoop has a second spring-helped handle appended simply over the cutting edge. From the start, clutching it was cumbersome, however we had the option to alter. As per Snow Joe, this design diminishes back strain by up to 30 percent. The extra connected with our shoulder and arm muscles more than the remainder of our backs as we lifted the stacked scoop, however we despite everything needed to slender in somewhat to each scoop, given the scoop’s generally short tallness. The scoop wasn’t incredible for pushing, and the aluminum wear strip didn’t work admirably at scratching the ground clean. The Shovelution shows up dismantled, however it was anything but difficult to assemble with no apparatuses. In case you’re searching for a hardier item, pick the SJ-SHLV02 model, made with a harder polycarbonate sharp edge and a TPU wear strip.

  • PROS
    1. Second handle secures lower back
    2. Lightweight
  • CONS
    1. Short
    2. Get together required
    3. Not truly adept at scratching

True Temper 1641000 18 in. Aluminum Snow Shovel with D-Grip Steel Handle

Top Pick: 4

Width: 18 in. | Blade Material: Aluminum | Weight: 3 lb. 3.2 oz. | Height: 51¾ in.

Like our best in general pick, the True Temper 18-Inch Aluminum Snow Shovel doesn’t have an ergonomic handle, however you will spare a couple of dollars and have the advantages that accompany a metal sharp edge. The aluminum edge cut through snow and sawdust well and, with the assistance of the steel wear strip, scraped up stuffed powder superior to most different shovels in the test. The low-friction surface implied no snow adhered to the sharp edge, however we once in a while experienced difficulty taking burdens without powder falling away the sides. The steel handle is durable however doesn’t include a lot of weight. Our analyzer, who is 5-foot-4, preferred the tallness of the scoop, yet it could feel short for taller individuals.

  • PROS
    1. Cuts through snow
    2. Sturdy steel wear strip
  • CONS
    1. May be unreasonably short for a few
    2. Difficult to convey snow on

Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel 3 Piece Collapsible Design Perfect Snow Shovel

Top Pick: 5

Width: 8 in. | Blade Material: Aluminum | Weight: 1 lb. 6.4 oz. | Heights: 25¾ in. what’s more, 32¼ in.

Weighing under 1.5 pounds, the Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel isolates into three pieces for simple stockpiling in your trunk or truck bed, yet it’s little enough that we didn’t experience any difficulty leaving it gathered. The extending handle effectively modifies between two statures, however we enjoyed the longer 32¼-inch setting. With the little cutting edge, it took us for a little while to move our snow, however it’s a perfect size for crises out and about. The Sport Utility comes in a few hues, yet don’t depend on the paint to stay. Indeed, even in our constrained use, we saw it scrapes no problem at all.

  • PROS
    1. Flexible tallness
    2. Compact
  • CONS
    1. Paint scrapes no problem at all

J&M JM Enterprises TV206972 Snowplow Snow Pusher

Top Pick: 6

Width: 36 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 5 lb. 9.6 oz. | Height: 56½ in.

Given its huge size, we anticipated that The SnowPlow should journey through our tests, yet like all pushers, it’s best utilized in dry, light snow. We experienced difficulty moving the thick snow and sawdust at the same time, given the correct conditions, this is a device that can clear garages and other huge spaces easily and productivity. The size of the snow pusher sharp edge is one thing, however the scoop’s extra-strong construction is another. The SnowPlow sports a fiberglass handle, a fortified handle-to-cutting edge connector framework, and a sharp edge made with ultra-high-sub-atomic weight polyethylene, which is synthetic safe and has a more prominent abrasion opposition than steel and aluminum (despite the fact that it weighs not exactly the two materials). It was superior to the Garant at scratching, however it expected us to hold the handle lower than we would have enjoyed. In spite of the fact that it is the heaviest scoop in our test, it didn’t feel oppressive in light of the fact that it’s not intended to be lifted. Some gathering, with a screwdriver and a wrench, is required.

  • PROS
    1. Tough
    2. Huge width for brisk clearing
  • CONS
    1. Costly
    2. Gathering required
    3. Low handle tallness for pushing

True Temper 193025500 SnoForce Poly Snow Shovel

Top Pick: 7

Width: 20 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 4 lb. | Height: 52½ in.

More so than other combination shovels we tried, this True Temper is designed more for pushing than for lifting snow. The edge is both more extensive and more profound than numerous different shovels, so it clears increasingly, quicker. A significant overhaul from the standard D hold, the premium VersaGrip is sufficiently huge to put two hands on the handle easily and in an assortment of positions. It permitted us to put more power behind each push while as yet having a safe hold. Once you’ve freed most from the snow, the steel wear strip makes a decent showing of cleaning up. In the event that you want to toss snow, however, consider another scoop. Checking in at 4 pounds and with an enormous sharp edge, this scoop gets overwhelming rapidly.

  • PROS
    1. VersaGrip handle
    2. Great at pushing snow
  • CONS
    1. Substantial

Yeoman Snow Shovel 18″ Steel

Top Pick: 8

Width: 18 in. | Blade Material: Steel | Weight: 5 lb. | Height: 48¼ in.

Steel-edge shovels are regularly more costly than poly and aluminum options, yet the expense is justified, despite all the trouble for a rock solid workhorse like the Yeoman and Company Steel Snow Shovel. The flimsy, 18-check steel edge exceeds expectations at scratching and separating cold muck and snow banks that vibe progressively like concrete. The scoop is additionally fit for pushing modest quantities of snow, regardless of its traditional scoop design. Despite the fact that the cutting edge isn’t excessively enormous, the wood handle and steel sharp edge left us working hard, so you’ll need to accept breaks as you work.

  • PROS
    1. Useful for getting through ice
    2. Pushes snow well
    3. Magnificent at scratching
  • CONS
    1. Substantial
    2. Short

MyHelper Steel Blade Snow Shovel

Top Pick: 9

Width: 18 in. | Blade Material: Poly | Weight: 2 lb. | Height: 49¼ in.

In the event that weight is your essential concern, you won’t locate a full-size scoop a lot lighter than this My Helper poly scoop. Likewise, it was our preferred scoop to physically toss snow with, and the notched handle was agreeable. The cutting edge is non-stick, however huge numbers of the other poly sharp edges that aren’t non-stick seemed to be comparable all through our snow testing. Without a wear strip and a to some degree adaptable cutting edge, the My Helper wouldn’t be our go-to after a substantial or cold snow tempest, and it left the most snow on our testing patch. In any case, regardless of our concerns, this would be a decent option for loft inhabitants or others who don’t have a lot of region to clear.

  • PROS
    1. Lightweight
    2. Useful for tossing snow
  • CONS
    1. Short
    2. Wobbly construction
    3. Not great at scratching


To locate the best snow shovels, we depended on master reviews and recommendations just as our own trial of these models. Our top picks speak to the assortment of shovels available. We assessed the shovels dependent on their cutting edge size, design, and material; ergonomic features; weight; tallness (estimated from start to finish); cost; and execution.

To test them, we originally scooped wet sawdust, much the same as outside force gear maker DR Power accomplishes for its snow blowers. We hosed down the sawdust, blending it completely as we did, until one cubic foot gauged 21 pounds equivalent to substantial snow. At that point, we secured a territory estimating 8 feet by 6 feet by 5.5 inches down and cleared it utilizing every one of the shovels. Before the finish of our testing, we had moved in excess of 4,100 pounds of the stuff and had a profound understanding of how each scoop performed under burden.

We at that point rehashed our test, utilizing similar parameters, at a neighborhood ski resort with thick and substantial man-made snow. That indicated how well the shovels managed the variable surfaces of snow and how a lot (or how little) of the stuff would adhere to the sharp edges. Scooping multiple tons of snow and sawdust between the two tests uncovered each model’s qualities and shortcomings, and clarified which were the best options.