Top 10 Android Phones

Google has reported its new Pixel phones with genuine camera updates, motion controls and different treats. Look at our Pixel 4 hands-on review and Pixel 4 XL hands-on review.

In case you’re in the market for another Android phone, the expansiveness of options can be overpowering. Be that as it may, decision is presumably the best thing about Google’s portable OS. Android ensures a comparable client experience crosswise over numerous makes and models of phones, while giving you a chance to organize the features you need. Regardless of whether it’s a long-enduring battery you need or a headphone jack’s, will undoubtedly be at any rate one Android phone out there that will fulfill your needs.

We’ve tried the majority of the best phones in all shapes, sizes and costs here at Tom’s Guide, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is our present head, on account of its forefront design, superfast execution and long battery life. In any case, it’s not really the only Android gadget that is deserving of your consideration.

The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus are two other phenomenal premium options for the individuals who need to exploit Samsung’s new S Pen features and enhancements in video quality.

In case you’re on a financial limit, the OnePlus 7T gives quick execution, a smooth 90Hz display great cameras and a smooth design for a reasonable $599. The $399 Pixel 3a is another incredible option, as it offers phenomenal cameras for hundreds not exactly your run of the mill lead. Our top modest phone under $300 is the Moto G7 Power, which offers extraordinary battery life.

Android perfectionists ought to consider the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. These unadulterated Android 10 phones offer significantly better double cameras, a quicker Google Assistant, motion controls and a ton of different upgrades. Samsung staggered out of the door with the Galaxy Fold, yet the imaginative foldable phone could merit the speculation for bold early adopters.

OnePlus 7T Pro Factory Unlocked

Top Pick: 1
    1. Screen Size: 6.55 inches
    2. Android Version: 10 with Oxygen OS
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 855+
    4. Cameras: 48 MP, 16 MP and 12 MP (Rear); 16 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 8 GB/128 GB

The OnePlus 7T may come up short on a couple of the features found in its forerunner, the OnePlus 7 Pro. (There’s no fly out front confronting camera and quad-HD+ display here.) However, where it matters most, the 7T brings the Pro’s best features down to a simpler to-swallow sticker price — despite the fact that the 7 Pro was at that point quite modest in the first place. $599 gets you a top notch handset fueled by Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, a Fluid AMOLED screen with a ultra-smooth 90Hz invigorate rate, in addition to a triple-camera module on the back that holds the 7 Pro’s essential 48-MP sensor and can stand its ground against the year’s best camera phones, regardless of whether it isn’t the out and out best. We do wish the 7T’s battery life was somewhat better (in spite of the fact that it charges before long), yet generally speaking, the less expensive of OnePlus’ late 2019 gadgets is probably going to be the most convincing offer for the vast majority when it shows up in the not so distant future.

  • PROS
    1. Wonderful value
    2. Great software
    3. Blistering performance
    4. Speedy charging
    5. Excellent manufacture quality
    6. Macro mode works well
  • CONS
    1. Camera knock is an eyesore
    2. No wireless charging
    3. Battery life is simply normal

Google – Pixel 3a Phone (Unlocked)

Top Pick: 2
    1. Screen Size: 5.6 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 670
    4. Cameras: 12 MP (Rear); 8 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 4 GB/64 GB

The Pixel 3a strikes a triumphant blow against the increasing expense of smartphones by conveying the most basic features of the Pixel 3 — a breathtaking camera and an extraordinary Android experience — in a gadget that costs many dollars less. The Pixel 3a utilizes a similar single 12-megapixel camera found on the more costly Pixel 3, yet more critically, it takes advantage of a similar AI-controlled computational photography features. That implies the photos you snap with your Pixel 3a will be each piece great as what the Pixel 3 conveys.

You should make a few trade offs at the Pixel 3a’s lower cost tag. This phone is made out of polycarbonate, not glass and metal, and the processor isn’t as amazing as the Snapdragon 855 controlling the main Android phones. Be that as it may, the Pixel 3a offers strong execution and a long-enduring battery, as it waited for almost 12 hours on our battery test. Different phones are fancier and may flaunt more features, yet the worth conveyed by the Pixel 3a is certain.

  • PROS
    1. Long battery life
    2. Outstanding camera
    3. Low price
  • CONS
    1. OLED display isn’t the best
    2. No wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Cell Phone

Top Pick: 3
    1. Screen Size: 6.8 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 855 (US)/Exynos 9825 (WW)
    4. Cameras: 12 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP and time-of-flight (Rear); 10 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 12 GB/256, 512 GB

How would you make the best enormous Android phone surprisingly better? Expand the screen so it leaves practically no bezel, give it a huge battery that revives quicker than at any other time and heat in the most dominant processor available (with gobs of RAM for good measure). The 6.8-inch Galaxy Note 10 Plus may impart a ton to the Galaxy S10 family on paper, however it feels diverse to utilize, because of its S Pen stylus which has adapted some new capacities. Utilizing Air Actions, you can make motions with the S Pen in mid air to explore the phone’s interface, and even decipher and fare composed notes to Microsoft Word archives and PDFs on the fly. We do wish the phone’s quad-camera framework conveyed photographs that could equal those from Google and Huawei’s most recent phones, yet all things being equal, the Note 10 Plus is a wonderfully balanced Swiss Army blade of a phablet.

  • PROS
    1. Ravishing 6.8-inch screen
    2. Long battery life
    3. Strong performance
    4. S Pen supports Air Actions gestures
  • CONS
    1. Air signals can be finicky
    2. Cameras not in the same class as Pixel 3 or Huawei P30 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S10e Factory Unlocked Phone

Top Pick: 4
    1. Screen Size: 5.8 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 855 (US)/Exynos 9820 (WW)
    4. Cameras: 12 MP and 16 MP (Rear); 10 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 6, 8 GB/128, 256 GB

So you like the Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O full-screen design, ground-breaking Snapdragon 855 execution and able cameras, yet you’d like it significantly more in the event that it were less expensive. Enter the $749 Galaxy S10e. This is a littler version of Samsung’s 2019 lead handset that fuses a similar processor, Dynamic AMOLED display innovation and a considerable lot of similar features you’d find in the bigger variations, similar to Wireless PowerShare to charge different gadgets over Qi induction.

The thing that matters is you’re paying in any event $150 less for the S10e than the pricier S10 and S10 Plus, and you’re passing up their triple-focal point back cameras and ultrasonic unique mark sensors. Be that as it may, given the money you’re sparing, those might be omissions you’re willing to live with. On the off chance that you lean toward littler phones yet don’t have any desire to hold back on lead gauge specs, the S10e is completely unmatched in the market at this moment.

  • PROS
    1. Mind blowing display
    2. Delightful, minimized design
    3. Super powerful
    4. Wireless PowerShare
    5. Headphone jack
    6. Great price
  • CONS
    1. OneUI is polarizing
    2. Average battery life

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone

Top Pick: 5
    1. Screen Size: 6.4 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 855 (US)/Exynos 9820 (WW)
    4. Cameras: 12 MP, 16 MP and 12MP (Rear); 10 MP and 8 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 8, 12 GB/128 GB, 512 GB, 1TB

The Galaxy S10 Plus muscles its way to the leader of the Android class with both anticipated upgrades and great innovations. Samsung’s phone is one of the first to keep running on a Snapdragon 855 processor, so it’s the best performing Android gadget we’ve tried while additionally going a long method to shutting the exhibition hole with Apple’s A12 Bionic chip. A triple focal point arrangement on the back of the S10 Plus combined with AI enhancements reinforces the phone’s picture catch capacities. Also, a 4,100 mAh battery implies you can expect throughout the day battery life from one of the longest-enduring phones we’ve tried as of late.

Yet, the S10 Plus offers different features that help it stand out from the Android swarm. The new Infinity-O display utilizes roundabout patterns to house the phone’s two-front cameras instead of an indent. There’s a ultrasonic unique finger impression sensor underneath the display that rapidly opens your phone. What’s more, Wireless PowerShare implies you can put different gadgets that help wireless charging over the S10 Plus’ back and top off their batteries.

  • PROS
    1. Vivid Infinity-O display
    2. Ultrasonic unique mark sensor works well
    3. Excellent cameras
    4. Very quick performance
    5. Superb battery life
    6. Headphone jack
    7. Pricey
  • CONS
    1. Confusing motion controls

OnePlus 7 Pro Factory Unlocked

Top Pick: 6
    1. Screen Size: 6.67 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with Oxygen OS
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 855
    4. Cameras: 48MP, 16 MP and 8 MP (Rear); 16 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 6, 8, 12 GB/128, 256 GB

OnePlus’ move upmarket with the new OnePlus 7 Pro this spring certainly amazed us. In any case, all doubt was expelled once we saw the gadget’s beautiful 90Hz, 6.67-inch OLED display, about without bezel design, fit triple-focal point back camera and astute fly out selfie shooter. The OnePlus 7 Pro packs a large portion of what we cherish about the present stable of leader handsets in a gadget that starts at just $669.

For that, you get a cutting edge Snapdragon 855 processor, a gigantic 4,000-mAh battery (with OnePlus’ trademark Warp Charging, obviously), smooth and valuable programming obligingness of Oxygen OS, and a 48-megapixel primary shooter at the back that can catch extraordinary pictures in low light, on account of OnePlus’ Nightscape innovation. You would now be able to discover a ton of these features in the even more affordable OnePlus 7T, yet the 7 Pro’s display and spring up camera still settle on it a convincing decision for aficionados of moderate Android leads.

  • PROS
    1. Amazing performance
    2. Pop-up camera works well
    3. Excellent low-light photos
    4. Very quick charging
  • CONS
    1. Underwhelming battery life

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Factory Unlocked Smartphone

Top Pick: 7
    1. Screen Size: 6.2 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 845 (US)/Exynos 9810 (WW)
    4. Cameras: Dual 12 MP (Rear); 8 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 6 GB/64, 128, 256 GB

We cherish the Galaxy S9 on the grounds that significantly over a year after discharge, Samsung’s phone can at present do everything. It’s one of a quickly contracting gathering of phones with wireless charging, water obstruction, a headphone jack and microSD opening for expandable memory. Other than Samsung, only LG’s gadgets incorporate those features, yet the Galaxy S9 continues to offer one of the best OLED boards you’re probably going to discover in any handset, an ageless design with its iconic Infinity bends and a camera that can catch incredible photographs in low light, because of cunning picture handling and Samsung’s double opening innovation.

Both the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have fallen considerably in cost since being discharged moderately from the get-go in 2018, and thus we suggest the 6.2-inch S9+, which bends over the back focal points and includes 2GB of RAM top of the stock 4GB in the 5.8-inch model for better by and large execution.

  • PROS
    1. Great camera in low light
    2. Brighter display with considerably more slender bezels
    3. Swift performance
    4. Long battery life
    5. Headphone jack included
  • CONS
    1. AR Emoji needs work
    2. Intelligent Scan no swap for Face ID

Google Pixel 3 International GSM Unlocked

Top Pick: 8
    1. Screen Size: 5.5 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 845
    4. Cameras: 12 MP (Rear); Dual 8 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 4 GB/64, 128 GB

We’d rank the Pixel 3 higher for a significant part of the year, it was among our preferred Android handsets since it offered the best in class and most secure Android programming, the best cameras we’ve at any point utilized in a phone and a flawless OLED display all in a well-constructed and alluring bundle. However, in seven days’ time, Google is rolling out another version of its Pixel phone, so it’s difficult to suggest the Pixel 3 at this stage. (Also, once the Pixel 4 introductions, you could see costs on the still-skilled Pixel 3 drop.)

Google conveyed some really novel features with the Pixel 3, similar to Call Screen, which will guarantee you never get tricked by another telemarketer or robo guest again, and Night Sight, which without any assistance safeguards low-light shots different phones battle to catch.

The moderately little 5.5-inch Pixel 3 may be off-putting to those acquainted with greater phones; we’d indicate those clients the Pixel 3 XL (inasmuch as you can overlook its enormous honking score).

  • PROS
    1. Superb performance
    2. Quality OLED display
    3. Top-level cameras
    4. Charming design
    5. Call Screen is a godsend
  • CONS
    1. A bit costly

Samsung Galaxy A50

Top Pick: 9
    1. Screen Size: 6.4 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie with OneUI
    3. Processor: Exynos 9610
    4. Cameras: 25 MP, 8 MP and 5 MP (Rear); 25 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 4 GB/64 GB

The Galaxy A50 marks a major advance forward for Samsung’s non-leader phones. Notwithstanding being not exactly a large portion of the cost of the Galaxy S10e, the A50 still has a triple-focal point camera framework, monstrous 6.4-inch AMOLED display, a close to without bezel design with small score for the selfie cam and adequate execution from Samsung’s Exynos 9610 silicon.

The A50 isn’t accessible opened at this point you’ll must be either a Verizon or Sprint client to utilize one however it is an incredible option in contrast to the Pixel 3a for $50 not as much as Google’s phone, inasmuch as you can stand losing that handset’s surprising lead bore camera, longer battery life and better programming help. In any case, the most recent modest Galaxy is a take, and has us energized for the eventual fate of Samsung’s spending contributions.

  • PROS
    1. Best display for the price
    2. Design suggestive of flagships
    3. Low price
    4. Solid performance
  • CONS
    1. Camera misses the mark regarding Pixel 3a
    2. Battery life is underwhelming
    3. Verizon and Sprint exclusive
    4. Feels somewhat modest

Motorola Moto G7 Power

Top Pick: 10
    1. Screen Size: 6.2 inches
    2. Android Version: 9 Pie
    3. Processor: Snapdragon 632
    4. Cameras: 12 MP (Rear); 8 MP (Front)
    5. RAM/Storage: 3 GB/32 GB

The Moto G7 Power isn’t the flashiest smartphone on the planet, yet when you last 15-and-a-half hours on a solitary charge in our battery test, well a few clients would legitimately contend that is significant than an amazing design. For sure, the G7 Power is a phenomenal spending handset with adequate execution from a useful Snapdragon 632 chipset, along with simple to-utilize, unadulterated Android programming with a couple Motorola improvements tossed in for good measure, similar to an extremely instinctive motion navigation framework.

We really incline toward the $249 G7 Power to the somewhat increasingly premium $299 Moto G7, in light of the less expensive variation’s beefier battery and lower cost. What’s more, regardless of the way that the G7 Power features somewhat less RAM, it doesn’t feel any more slow than the pricier model. An increasingly consistent camera and higher-resolution display would have been decent, however where it matters most, the G7 Power is a perseverance workhorse on a shoestring spending plan. Peruse our full Moto G7 Power review.

  • PROS
    1. Inconceivable battery life
    2. Solid performance
    3. Quality software
    4. Low price
    5. Works on all networks
  • CONS
    1. Bland design
    2. Not incredible for gaming
    3. Low-res display


Smartphones today run from twofold to try and fourfold digits as far as cost, however most phones underneath $200 regularly make a larger number of penances than they’re value. Phones under $600 will in general come up short on the quickest processors, quality cameras and very good quality features like wireless charging, in-display unique finger impression detecting, edge-to-edge displays, water opposition and secure facial recognition. The more you spend, obviously, the a greater amount of these features you get. And keeping in mind that many “lead” smartphones fall in the $800 to $900 territory, some range-beating, progressively rich models like the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10 Plus and Huawei Mate 20 Pro expand well over the $1,000 mark. In case you’re low on assets, make certain to look at our Best Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus arrangements.