Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans Reviews 2024

Top 10 Bedroom Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans used to be a thing of extravagance quite a few years back. In addition to the fact that it provides calming ventilation to fight off the warmth in a room, yet it likewise gives a rich tasteful as an embellishment and afterward includes modernity. Throughout the years, the ceiling fan has developed regarding style, solace, and usefulness to adjust to different climate, atmosphere, and different needs. Upgrades were made to a few key parts, for example, the edges, lighting, and openness. Adornments and different highlights were additionally added to give additional functionalities and improve the visual intrigue.

The best ceiling fans for bedroom are those that complement well in your room without being bombastic. It ought to have the option to give incredible ventilation to give calming coolness during hot days and night while additionally having the option to give satisfactory lighting. To the extent adornment goes, it should likewise fit in with the general tasteful of your bedroom.

Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet 52-Inch Matte Black Indoor Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 1

Westinghouse is a notable and believed brand devoted to advancing and giving lighting items and adornments. It has spread far and wide universally as proof of their worldwide skill in the market of lighting items. With Westinghouse, you can be guaranteed of top notch, vitality effective ceiling fans for an incredible worth.

The Comet 52-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan is furnished with five reversible cutting edges and highlights a double mount establishment framework. It has a three-speed, reversible change to give the room mitigating coolness throughout the mid year and encouraging warmth during winter.

The engine performs nicely, giving sufficient ventilation to the room. It additionally performs quietly, making it immaculate to use in the bedroom and give cooling solace or warmth without upsetting your rest.

The Comet accompanies a circle style light apparatus with iridescent glass for delicate enlightenment to differentiate the smooth matte dark lodging and fan cutting edges. It can mix consummately with both customary and present day homes. It likewise doesn’t require the utilization of an expansion bar, so this is additionally a perfect fan for rooms with low ceilings.

Originating from a brand that represents considerable authority in lighting, the Comet has amazing lighting and has preferable enlightenment over huge numbers of its rivals. This makes it incredible to use in the family room and the bedroom.

  • Pros
    1. It is furnished with five reversible fan cutting edges for better wind stream
    2. It accompanies a three-speed, reversible switch
    3. It has brilliant and incredible lighting
    4. It isn’t loud in any event, while working at high speeds
    5. It accompanies a lifetime engine guarantee and a two-year guarantee for the various parts
  • Cons
    1. Establishment of specific parts can be more troublesome than anticipated
    2. It doesn’t give solid breezes

Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52″ Matte Black West Hill Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 2

Portage Bay is a brand that spends significant time in ceiling fans and light installations, offering incredible arrangements with their items. You can be sure you’d get great items from this brand and security because of the constrained lifetime guarantee they offer.

The Portage Bay 52-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan accompanies a bowl-molded light pack and two tied draw up switches that are utilized to turn on the lighting and modifying the fan speed. It is furnished with 5 double completed fan sharp edges with a matte dark completion on one side and a Siberian pecan finish on the other. It has a reversible engine that permits the fan to change bearings to give cool breezes during hot seasons and warm breezes during cold seasons.

This position of safety ceiling fan just estimates 11.5 crawls from the ceiling to the base of the light apparatus, settling on it probably the best decision out there on the off chance that you have a live with a low ceiling. The opal iced arch light installation has a dimmable element so you can modify the degree of lighting to your taste. Moreover, the LED bulbs included can be supplanted with CFL bulbs.

It has an elite engine that can reach up to 4797 CFM at rapid, making it proficient and equipped for giving solid breezes to cool the room during hot days. The Portage Bay 52-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan is one of the extraordinary worth things on this rundown that likewise offers a restricted lifetime guarantee.

  • Pros
    1. It’s modest and moderate
    2. It highlights 5 cutting edges with a double completion
    3. It has a reversible engine capacity to modify for sweltering and chilly climate
    4. It can reach up to 4797 CFM
    5. It accompanies a restricted lifetime guarantee
  • Cons
    1. It will in general become somewhat uproarious after some utilization
    2. It isn’t remote versatile

Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 3

For items identified with comfort in your home, Honeywell is a known brand that is focused on giving home fulfillment, accommodation, and security.

The Sabal Palm 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan has the looks and usefulness to cause you to feel like in the tropics while staying inside. The bronze completion on the hand-cut wooden, lead sharp edges gives it a fascinating look, making it an intriguing bit of adornment with regards to your room. It likewise incorporates a wonderful, Tuscan sand glass bowl light with 3 bits of 40-watts brilliant bulbs included, making it extraordinarily splendid.

It has a calm, three-speed, reversible engine that helps keep you cool during warm days and warm during cold evenings. It performs for all intents and purposes quiet so you can rest without unsettling influence. It highlights three mounting alternatives for your inclination: Closemount, Downrod, or calculated.

The Sabal Palm sneaks up all of a sudden with a 5038 CFM with a 12-degree sharp edge pitch, making it equipped for cooling medium to huge rooms of around 350-450 square feet. In addition to the fact that it has brilliant lighting, yet it additionally has adequate cooling power for enormous spaces. This makes it the ideal ceiling fan for the family room and an extensive bedroom. Moreover, this accompanies a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a restricted maker’s guarantee.

  • Pros
    1. It has a lovely extraordinary structure
    2. It discharges a brilliant light to illuminate an extensive room
    3. It has 5038 CFM, equipped for conveying adequate wind current to medium and enormous measured rooms
    4. The fans have a 12-degree cutting edge pitch for ideal proficiency
    5. It accompanies a 100% assurance and constrained guarantee
  • Cons
    1. It’s more costly than most items on this rundown
    2. It has short force chains

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 4

It tends to be very hard to track down data about Harbor Breeze most particularly on the off chance that you simply caught wind of the brand. Be that as it may, it is really the store brand of Lowe’s, a retail organization spend significant time in home improvement. You can have confidence that, in the event that there are issues with your bought items, you can go to the second-biggest equipment chain in the United States and the world.

This rich indoor ceiling fan sports an advanced interpretation of the customary ceiling fan and can undoubtedly mix in and supplement current homes. It accompanies an incredible engine and a coordinated LED light installation with an incorporated matte opal glass unit that can adequately give ventilation and lighting to a little or medium room.

The 44-inch Mazon ceiling fan’s coordinated light pack is dimmable and a 18-watt LED module is incorporated. It includes a flush mount that is ideal for rooms with a low ceiling and it guarantees there won’t be incidental contacts with the fan cutting edges.

The Mazon has a 3-speed reversible engine which can be advantageously gotten to utilizing a remote control so you can change how quick you need the fan to turn to give cooler wind current of up to 4545-CFM in the room. The reversible wind stream include permits the fan to be utilized to cool the room during hot seasons and circulate warm air during the virus season.

  • Pros
    1. It accompanies a 4545-CFM rating which is useful for a ceiling fan
    2. It includes a 3-speed reversible engine
    3. It accompanies remote control and a divider support
    4. It has a coordinated 18-watt LED light introduced
    5. It accompanies a flush mount which is extraordinary for little rooms
  • Cons
    1. The coordinated LED light isn’t splendid
    2. The LED light can’t be supplanted

Hunter Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 5

The Hunter brand is a fan organization brand that spends significant time in high-proficiency and calm execution fans. They make advancements to improve the quality and execution of their items while keeping up quality craftsmanship sharpened for longer than an era of experience.

This 44-inch hugger ceiling fan conveys ultra-calm execution with better than average cooling power. Its position of safety lodging is especially intended to be utilized for rooms with a low ceiling. It has an incorporated light pack with cased white glass and accompanies 2 bits of 9.8 watts dimmable LED bulbs included.

The Dempsey’s has 4 edges with a reversible engine permitting you to get cool breezes when it’s hot and afterward warm breezes when it’s virus. It has a wind current of 2997 CFM which could go as high as 3157 CFM. With power utilization of 61 watts, this implies it has a wind current productivity of 69 CFM per watt. In any case, for little lives with a low ceiling, this is sufficient to ventilate the live with mitigating, agreeable breezes.

This all-white hugger ceiling fan is immaculate from sufficiently bright, splendid rooms to supplement the environment. It makes a shortsighted contemporary take towards a conventional plan, making its quality felt, yet not all that forcing. For accommodation, the Dempsey has a remote control included. It additionally has a constrained lifetime engine guarantee.

  • Pros
    1. It has a straightforward contemporary moderate plan
    2. Ultra-calm execution for an unhindered rest
    3. It has a reversible engine you can switch during sweltering and chilly climate
    4. It incorporates 2 bits of 9.8 watts dimmable LED lights
    5. It accompanies a constrained lifetime guarantee
  • Cons
    1. The guidance manual can be hard to follow
    2. The LED bulbs included aren’t splendid

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 6

As their name suggests, Big Ass Fans pull out all the stops and rock solid with regards to their items. They work in making excellent fans with unparalleled execution and craftsmanship.

The Haiku L Series Smart Ceiling Fan takes the good to beat all on this rundown regarding execution, force and cost proficiency, just as having additional highlights reasonable to present day living with the present propelling innovation. It has a 10-fan setting highlighting 7 fan speeds, rest mode, a purported ‘Whoosh’ mode, and a clock.

It includes a thin profile lodging their particularly designed engine that conveys high-productivity execution with less force expended because of a tweaked DC engine utilizing Axial-Flux lasting magnet engine innovation. The Haiku L Series’ incorporated LED light installation just uses around a large portion of the force a 40-watt brilliant bulb delivers yet with double the splendor yield. Thinking about LED last regarding multiple times as long, a solitary LED bulb can last you a lifetime.

The Haiku L Series fans are processing plant adjusted and sound-tried to give a without wobble, clatter free, and snap free execution. This elite effectiveness even surpasses standard vitality star necessities by 450%. Besides, it has an exceedingly tough form and it is tried warm chambers utilizing temperatures between – 4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Smart highlights of the Haiku L Series arrive in an assortment of availability and comfort alternatives. You can control the fan through IR remote with one-contact fan control, utilizing a free portable application that accompanies the item, or by means of straightforward voice orders with Alexa, utilizing Amazon Echo.

  • Pros
    1. It includes a cutting edge structure with current innovation highlights
    2. It has a 10 fan setting with 7 fan speeds
    3. Industrial facility adjusted and sound-tried structure
    4. It has dimmable LED light highlights with 16 brilliance settings
    5. It tends to be controlled advantageously in an assortment of ways utilizing present day innovation
  • Cons
    1. It is exceedingly expensive and the most costly item on this rundown
    2. It tends to be uproarious on higher fan levels

Minka-Aire F844-WH Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 7

Mika-Aire is a brand focused on giving ceiling fans useful and vitality productive plans without relinquishing style. This is a brand that makes top notch, superior fans that can take into account customary and present day home style.

The F844-WH Light Wave 52-inch Smart Ceiling Fan has a delightful and extraordinary contemporary structure with a white completion that supplements present day style homes as well as fits current ways of life. It is stuffed with present day highlights, for example, having Wi-Fi empowered highlights and it very well may be controlled utilizing Smart by Bond innovation.

This App permits you to control the fan utilizing any savvy gadget, for example, telephones and tablets, and voice-enacted control can likewise be utilized with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. It additionally accompanies a 3-speed remote control on the off chance that you favor less issue. To the extent execution goes, the Light Wave Ceiling Fan can as high as 4531 CFM at fast and as low as 1491 CFM at low speed.

Curiously, the three 52-inch edges have a 48-degree edge pitch. This interesting contorted cutting edge configuration permits the edges to course air more effectively than level sharp edges. Its coordinated light unit gives full-run LED light-darkening and it performs quietly, guaranteeing a continuous rest while utilizing it. It is Energy Star affirmed and it accompanies a lifetime guarantee also.

  • Pros
    1. It has 3 cutting edges with a plan more effective than level sharp edges
    2. The edge configuration has a 48-degree sharp edge pitch
    3. It can reach up to 4531 CFM
    4. It tends to be controlled with a remote, through keen application, and with voice-initiated control
    5. It has a 17-watt dimmable LED Light Module inside a scratched focal point
  • Cons
    1. It’s expensive

Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52 Inch LED Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 8

Brightwatts has been in the ceiling fan and sun powered industry for a long time. This makes them an accomplished producer in giving expense and vitality proficient items to contend with greater brands.

In case you’re searching for something modest and moderate yet conveys noteworthy outcomes that can equal pricier models, at that point this Energy Efficient 52-inch Ceiling Fan from Brightwatts is the thing that you’ve been searching for. It is furnished with 5 sharp edges with a 12-degree cutting edge pitch for ideal and effective wind stream.

It is fit for arriving at 5509 CFM on rapid and it has numerous mounting alternatives: close mount, down pole, and calculated. You can likewise pick the mounting framework you like, either standard or flush mount. This ceiling fan is very enormous and it can give adequate ventilation and solid breezes to a huge room up to 400 square feet. It has a three-speed reversible engine so you can turn around the wind current and warm the room when it’s virus.

In spite of its solid engine, it’s ready to perform quietly. The delightful hand-painted nutmeg coffee finish on the cutting edges give it a great look and, combined with its white glass light bowl, makes it perfect with both conventional and present day homes. In general, you get a huge ceiling fan that performs quietly and effectively without making a lot of scratch on your spending limit.

  • Pros
    1. For a 52-inch ceiling fan, it’s exceptionally modest and reasonable
    2. It can reach up to 5509 CFM on rapid
    3. It has 5 sharp edges with a 12-degree cutting edge pitch
    4. It is fit for giving cool and warm breezes to a huge room
    5. It has three mounting choices to browse
  • Cons
    1. It very well may be hard to introduce
    2. The lighting isn’t extremely brilliant

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 9

Unmistakable quality Home has some expertise in solace, style, and brightening. They take into account a wide range of ceiling fans for your home needs, giving agreeable wind stream without bargain on lighting.

The Alvina 42-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan doesn’t simply have a position of safety structure, yet it likewise stays under the radar yet alluring nearness on account of its two-sided ceiling fan sharp edges. You can pick which side you like to appear, regardless of whether it’s the pecan side or the maple side. The two sides have a wonderful glossy silk nickel finish. The choice to pick which hued side to show makes it perfect with brilliant and diminish lit rooms and it doesn’t draw an excessive amount of consideration, making its quality felt with its productive cooling without being a lot of a sight to behold.

It performs relaxed also, quietly working gratitude to its peaceful, three-speed, reversible engine. It can warm and cool a little to a medium-sized room of up to 350 square feet with relieving wind current without pestering anybody with any solid.

The Alvina accompanies an iced opal globe light with one A15/E26 light included adding not too bad lighting to the room. It is likewise furnished with pull-binds included to turn the lights on and off, just as control the speed of the wind current. You can likewise introduce a widespread ceiling fan remote for simpler access and comfort.

  • Pros
    1. It’s the least expensive thing on this rundown
    2. It has five reversible cutting edges with each side with a delightful and one of a kind completion
    3. It has a peaceful, three-speed, reversible engine
    4. You can introduce an all inclusive ceiling fan remote control
    5. The lights are replaceable
  • Cons
    1. The force chains are excessively short
    2. It doesn’t give solid breezes
  1. Emerson, CF144LWW Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF144LWW Curva Sky 44-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Top Pick: 10

Emerson is a long-running and confided in brand with 125 years of involvement with the business. It keeps on offering high-caliber, adaptable, and inventive ceiling fans intended for both style and usefulness.

The Curva Sky 44-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan is one of the imaginative and adaptable ceiling fans in the market that permits you tasteful choices during establishment. It has a removable, no-light spread, permitting you to cover the coordinated LED light installation on the off chance that you need your ceiling fan without the light. This is especially valuable in circumstances where you as of now have wellsprings of brilliant light in your room and it would feel repetitive to have another from the ceiling fan. On the off chance that you decide to keep the light, in any case, it has enduring and effective lighting, sufficiently adequate to keep up your room sufficiently bright. The incorporated lighting apparatus additionally supplements its all-white current tasteful, improving the look with the light on much further.

To the extent engine proficiency goes, the Curva Sky has an amazing 153 mm x 18 mm 6-speed reversible engine with a 12-degree cutting edge pitch, improving wind current and giving cool breezes proficiently. It can reach up to 3800 CFM at rapid. This is sufficiently only to give great ventilation and cool breezes to a little room.

The Curva Sky comes furnished with a 6-speed LED remote control to advantageously alter the fan speed, brilliance, and furthermore the course of the edges. A divider section to store the remote is likewise remembered for the buy. This cutting edge low profile ceiling fan is wet-appraised and the edges are impervious to enduring. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outside utilize most particularly in places that have high mugginess.

  • Pros
    1. It includes a spotless and current look
    2. Has an incredible 6-speed reversible engine with a 12-degree sharp edge pitch
    3. Gives you the choice to utilize a no-light spread plate
    4. It accompanies a LED remote control
    5. It is wet-appraised and has climate safe sharp edges
  • Cons
    1. It’s very costly
    2. The lights that accompany it isn’t brilliant


In the cutting edge age, utilizing a ceiling fan may sound somewhat antiquated, yet you can’t deny its proficiency and less expensive cost. It gives less cooling power contrasted with climate control system units however it costs impressively less and devours far less force just to bring down your room temperature by around 8 degrees centigrade.

While scanning for the best ceiling fan for your bedroom, there are a few interesting points. Notwithstanding, the greatest components that choose which ceiling fan would that be are those that originated from your bedroom arrangement. The size, tallness, and subject of your bedroom impact your decision for that perfect fan.